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^ so this adorable dork was just on v-app live streaming himself on a date with his inner circles. and it was the best date I've ever been on. lol
We began with eating. and cute seunghoon getting *enchilado (I don't know the word for this in English.) basically it was a bit spicy for our boy.
then we choose what to do after the eating portion of the date. that derp face is priceless. lol
this included seunghoon getting dressed, and picking his pink shoes. feat. mino's sign.
date continued with a stroll through the neighborhood. and a bit of fun on the playground.
had romantic moments at the swing set. *seunghoon's complaining of the manly hand was hilarious.
and then of course a serious talk about skinship. (from what I could make out, I might be wrong. it was something about skin ship. )
and then good bye. I think it's so sweet and cute that he did this. the idea of going on a date with the inner circles that were watching was cute. he is seriously such a lovable person.