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I sat on the bed for a few minutes trying to figure out what to do. Finally I got up and walked over to where the guys were. I didn't see Yoongi so then I went back up the stairs and went to his room. I knocked on the door. "Go away." "Can we talk please." "No" I sighed. I turned around and almost walked into to Hoseok. He held up a key and smiled. "Oh (y/n) he won't come out...unless he has to work." Hoseok stuck the key in the door as he was talking. "But he has work...I guess not till later but." "Yea so let's go have some fun without him." He smiled and unlocked the door. Then motioned for me to go in. "Ok if you say so." Which my answered worked for both his statements. I quickly opened the door and slipped in and then Hoseok shut the door behind me. It was dark in the room. Obviously he had more than just blinds on his windows. "Yoongi?" "(Y/n) get out please." "No we need to talk." "No let's not." I was slowly walking towards his voice. "Come on." "No why don't we just forget it happened ok. It shouldn't have happened." I could tell he was on the bed. I just didn't know where till I climbed on the bed. "Yoongi...I" I stopped I realized I had just climbed on top of him. My heart started beating fast. "(Y/n)" He whispered causing me to heat up more. Thank God the lights were off. I quickly rolled to the side he wasn't on just so I got off of him. "Sorry." "(Y/n)" "Yes Yoongi" "I'm sorry...I didn't mean to kiss you....I...I was dreaming of this one girl and I guess I thought it was her when I woke up." "Oh." My heart fell. "I'm really sorry." "You know yoongi....if you have another girl on your mind why would you fucking say you are the only one I can kiss to wake up. That's messed up." I was furious now. I was sitting up on the bed now. "No that's not..." "You know Yoongi you have no right to do that shit to me. I will wake up any of the guys the way I did to you because it means nothing...obviously!" I quickly fumbled off the bed. "No (y/n) please don't go not like this....I'm sorry. I really am." "You know Yoongi....I'm sorry too." I said and walked out of the room. This time Jimin was right there. He instantly pulled me into a hug. "It's ok (y/n) I'm here." I grabbed onto him and hugged him like I was going to fall apart at any given moment. "Come on let's go to my room." He said guiding me away. We went into his room and he sat me on the bed. "Thank you." "I'm sorry that he made you cry." Was I crying. I touched my face. God dammit. "No its not him." "Can you stop lying to me...we all know exactly how you feel and how he feels and I'm sure you know too." "Jimin...I can't love him." "Yes you can." "No...." "He loves you....and he just came up with a lie to save himself but didn't think about how you'd feel." "Jimin I....I have to get ready for I'm going to shower and get dressed. I promise you I'm fine." "Just use my shower ok. I'll go get you your clothes ok." "Ok." With that I jumped into the shower. I cried. I did think for a split second that he liked me too. What are the chances that he is crushing on another girl with the same name as me. I wanted to punch something I just hit the wall once and regretted it. I punched it too hard. My hand hurt. Why was I hurting so much today? I knew we couldn't be together but I guess the thought that we liked each other was enough to make me happy. From today on I'll be professional I won't let any of my feelings get in the way. I got out of the shower and dried off. Today was going to be hard. I walked out of the bathroom and saw my clothes on Jimins bed. I quickly got dressed and was about to walk out when I heard them talking.


I had to lie to her. She couldn't know that I had fallen for her. Even if she did like me back we couldn't be together. But what if... I quickly jumped up to chase after her. I opened my door to see Jimin holding her and she was hugging back. "Come on let's go to my room." He said heading towards his room. He looked at me and shook his head. I walked back in my room. Now he would come in and sweep her off her feet. I'm such an idiot...why did I think I was dreaming! I'm so stupid. I wanted to pull my hair out. I heard Jimins door shut and I ran out thinking it was her. Jimin just looked at me and smiled. He went in her room and came out fast with clothes. What the hell. I walked up to him. "What the hell are you doing?" "I'm taking care of (y/n) she's pretty upset." He walked into his room and then a second later came out. "You don't need to." "Yes I do since you made her cry. I'm sure she doesn't want you to help her." "She cried?" "Why wouldn't she? I mean come on you showing that you like her gave her hope." "Hope? Are you saying she likes me?" "Well she probably doesn't now that you got some other girl on your mind." "SHUT THE FUCK UP JIMIN I DON'T HAVE ANY OTHER GIRL ON MY MIND YOU HAVE NO IDEA!" I was pissed no way in hell could he know what I was going through. "You might want to be quiet in case (y/n) gets out of the shower and hears." "I did what I had to because she can't date's a rule of her contract she can't have any of us." "And that's actually stopping you?" "Yes." "You are an idiot." He said turning towards his door and opening it. "Oh (y/n) I see your finished let's go." Jimin grabbed her hand and pulled her out of his room. She glanced at me for a second then followed Jimin down the stairs. "Hey we're going out...well meet you guys at the studio. Oh and Yoongi I hope you can get there without (y/n) today." He smirked and walked out the door with her. She didn't even look back at me. I fucked up big time.


"And that's actually stopping you?" Jimin said "Yes." Yoongi said quietly "You are an idiot." Jimin said and opened the door to see me standing there. "Oh (y/n) I see your finished let's go." Jimin grabbed my hand and pulled me out of his room. As I was being pulled i glanced at Yoongi for a second then quickly looked away and followed Jimin down the stairs. "Hey we're going out...well meet you guys at the studio. Oh and Yoongi I hope you can get there without (y/n) today." Jimin said to everyone. I watched Jimin look back to where Yoongi was and just smirk. This was going to start a war. I didn't bother to look back. We quickly left and Jimin took me to grab some food since we quickly left and didn't eat breakfast. "What are we going to do today?" I asked shoving food in my mouth. He laughed. "Well what sounds fun we have a couple hours." "Can we go to that museum that you can be apart of? I've always wanted to go there." "Oh the Trickeye museum?" "Yea I never had the chance before. It would be fun to go...can we?" "Of course when we are done eating let's head there " "Yay!" I quickly ate and then waited for Jimin to finish. We spent a lot of time there but we wanted more time. I had a great time and it got my mind off of things. I took a lot of pictures. As we were walking into the building I showed him one. "I hope you don't share that." He laughed "Why not you look so good." I laughed and set it as my background. "Hey." He whined "What you look so good there I want to look at you everyday." "Really?" "Yea." I smiled and put my phone away. "Well then I'm going to put you as my background." He pulled out his phone and was looking through it. "I hope it's a good one." "This one." He showed me and I bust up laughing. "Ok. I like that one." I couldnt stop laughing. We walked into the practice room. "Well ill see you everytime I look at my phone and laugh...ok." Jimin and I were still laughing. "Yea definitely I'll do the same with yours." "Aww what a cute couple." Tae said causing us to stop laughing and look at each other then back at Tae. "Yea we are pretty cute." Jimin said putting his arm around me pulling me close to him. "Yah" I said play punching him. We started laughing again. "Hey its time to practice not goof off." Yoongi said in a pissed off tone. "I'll agree with Yoongi, plus (y/n) your wanted by pdnim." Jin said "Ok thanks. Have a good practice guys." I said and walked out of the room quickly. When I got to the office they just handed me yoongi's schedule along with the others. This was to slowly make it my job to make sure everyone did what they were suppose to along with there manager. I walked back to the practice room with drinks in hand. Knowing how these guys practice they need alot of water. I walked into the room and sat against the wall. I slowly watched each of them dance. Each one had difficulties on certain parts even kookie but I'll say him and Jimin had gotten it down fast. My eyes lingered on Yoongi too long because our eyes met and I quickly turned away and went back to watching Jimin. He was smiling like an idiot and then did a move and pointed at me. I smiled instantly. Jimin was a great person. The song ended and Jimin came sliding into me. I laughed. " are nasty get away." I playfully pushed him away. "(Y/n) just give me water" He whined. "Me too!" Tae said sitting next to me. "Well here you go." I handed then there waters and as they enjoyed it I set off to hand everyone a water. Everyone thanked me and then finally I walked over to Yoongi. "Here Yoongi" I smiled "Thank you." He took it and went back to what he was doing. "Bye" I said and started to walk away. "Wait." I turned back to him. "What's up?" "Where did you two go?" He asked glancing at me. "We went to the Trickeye museum. It was amazing!" I smiled "Oh" "I got some awesome pictures of Jimin but I promised I wouldn't share them." I started laughing at the thought of the pictures I have. "I'm glad you had fun." He said and went back to what he was doing when I first walked up to him. "(Y/n) come show us the pictures of Jimin we saw the ones of you and they are funny." "Ok there better than mine." I said walking back over to the others.
Soooo what do you think?? Although when I first started writing this i got upset and took it out in yoongi...but it works because I was feeling it like I would be pissed if the guy I liked was acting the way Yoongi did and got your hopes up just to crush them that he was thinking of another girl. That's were I took it out on him lol... I hope you enjoyed it though.
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I neeedddd moooorrrreeee!!!!
omg. suga ...get it together babe !
Ohhhhhhhhh lord Jesus, please help her, pushing Yoongi away is definitely not the answer, he's likes her and she likes him, please let this man get it together and fix this.
awe Yoongi.
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