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I dedicate dis to kim jooni oppa bcs i just feel he was some what left out in BOF even after BOF he didn't get as much fame as the other F3 and ppl always 4gt to mention how cute lovely amazing handsome awesome and charming he was and he is but i will never able to 4gt i love him <3 :-* Bcs he was just able to catch my attention and i just love him muahhhs <3 :-*
@chasinghapiness @saharjalpari9 thanks for letting all of us know! love him soooo much and hope you rest up well oppa and take care of yourself
rest !!!&come back !!!
@chasinghapiness thnx 4 letting i was wtng 4 his return i hope he comes back 2 us his love lovely fans soon bcs we all love him and missz him but take some rest first oppa health comes first take a break and come back 2 us fast love u oppa <3 :-*
that's wonderful! can't wait to see him again!!!!!
He has just been discharged from the army! so hopefully we can see him on screen soon :)
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