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Life doesn't always go as planned.

One ting we learn throughout this journey called life is that things aren't always going to go our way. While life can be exciting and full of thrills, it can also have some pretty unexpected turns that you never saw coming your way. That's when positivity comes into play. We always hear people tell us to remain positive and in the moment, we agree and go on about our day until it's really time for us to embrace positivity.
If you live a positive lifestyle and keep a positive mindset nobody what you may be going through [good or bad], the curve balls life throws your way will never touch you. While it's much easier said than done, embracing a mindset that will not only have you looking at life through a different lens than most, will also have you appreciating the negatives that you run into overtime. No matter what you may be going through, know that it does and it will get better. Those words may not mean much, but if you live through positivity -- they will and here's why.

A negative mindset will not get you anywhere.

While you may feel as though positivity is the last thing on your mind, embracing a positive mindset during a rough time will make your journey worthwhile opposed to holding onto negativity the entire time.

It's easier to be positive than it is to be negative.

Many would disagree with this, but honestly -- it's easier to hope for the best than it is to stress about the worst. It takes more energy to get upset than it does to remain optimistic. Which would you rather do?

Positivity helps you cope with the situation.

Whatever you may be going through, embracing positivity will allow you to appreciate life more at the end of the day despite the circumstances.

Happiness isn't far away.

How do you embrace positivity while coping with a negative situation?
I just look at it realisticly, sometimes positivity will give you a illusion
At times it will, but when it does that -- it's up to you to make that a reality @VixilCastillo
thank you!! :) @MyAffairWith
@jordanhamilton keep at it. The pursuit of happiness!!
I'm the same exact way. all of that makes me happy @MyAffairWith
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