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It's a sad day for all fellow soldier's.... below...something horrifyingly horrible (lol)

Asia Tour

( does it make it better if I tell you when people in Korea it self could not get tickets? no ? ok =(
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@Ticasensei I'm totally ok with this if it's just an Asia tour lol but I wish they'd let us know there plans for world tour Cuz like.....I wanna know if I shoukd just go to kcon to see them lol
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@SarahVanDorn you should definitely go to kcon, if this is the plans they have all the way till fall maybe they won't go.. I would not risk it
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but they did say they were planning a world tour that's why I'm kinda holding out
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@Ticasensei haha I accidentally tagged myself lol
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I hope they schedule a world tour for this. 馃槩
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