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We've all heard of long distance relationships.

They're extremely common, especially this day and age -- but how many people have heard about long distance marriages. While you're probably scratching your head in awe, believe it or not, those are rather common as well. As they say, 'it's not for everybody'.
I know for a fact that I wouldn't be able to be in a long distance marriage and although I'm not one to cross something off before giving it a try -- knowing the type of person I am, it just wouldn't work. I appreciate attention and although I don't thrive off of it, having that one person in my life who can give me the attention I want when I want it is an amazing feeling. While there is nothing wrong with long distance relationships, long distance marriages are something totally different.

Would you be open to a long distance marriage?

How would you make it work?
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I could understand it being temporary but I dont know how long I could do it for :(
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I would consider it, because currently I'm in a relationship with a girl who lives in Poland while i live in Texas. It's hard because you miss them so much and lonely nights are the worst, especially the time zone differences. I'm always asleep when she wakes and when she sleeps, I'm awake. But i would consider it because i wouldn't give up what we have.
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long distance married is little different with relationship without married. the commitment...
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I feel the same exact way @sophiamor
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awwww, I love your reasoning and at the end of the day, that's truly all that really matters @RafaelRese18
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