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I recently received 3 of Milani's Shadow Eyez sticks in a package of stuff I had ordered (yay!) and I finally got around to checking them out. I'm still feeling a bit sick, so forgive my tired eyes & exhausted look, lol!
This is what the tips of the pencils look like! I bought 2 of these slightly used sticks off of a girl on Reddit's makeupexchange board, and she threw in the 3rd color for free ^^

From left to right, the colors are: Almond Eyes, Champagne Toast, Cafe Au Lait!

I did a quick swipe keeping it thin, and then made it thicker in the second swipe to see how it would look. I love them! I don't wear cream eye shadows often anymore, so I'm not sure how much I'll wear these, but they're well pigmented. Both Almond Eyes & Cafe Au Lait are matte, and Champagne Toast has a really nice shimmer to it.
I'm not wearing any foundation in these photos, lol, just focus on the eyes!!! I just was doing a quick test to see how these look on the eyes :P I did put my primer (Milani EyeShadow Primer) on first.

And there you have it!

I think these will be fun to use, especially maybe the champagne toast one for adding some shimmer to the bottom waterline. I'll try it out in some looks & share them here ^-^
Tagging some beauty friends ^-^
Nice colors!!! I may check one of those colors out!!
yeah like @jordanhamilton said they're great everyday colors .
they're great neutral shades!!! perfect for everyday wear
@Animaniafreak They're definitely reallllyyyy creamy, so I can see it being a problem. I use a primer that's pretty "dry" on my eyelids first, so I didn't really see any problems, but becuase these are so creamy / blendable it might be a problem. They do "dry" after a few mintues though an dI wasn't able to smudge them just rubbing my finger on it after that time so it might be ok if you set it / user a primer!
@stephosorio it's on reddit! just Google makeup exchange reddit. I font remember the url off hand hahaha
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