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Calling all Se7en fans! His contract with YG is still in question, so it may or may not be renewed once he is discharged from the military. After the massage parlor scandal with Sangchu, his return is really up in the air. Do you think he will be signed back to YG?
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yeah I know right? :c Here is a link to an article: Idk if it really is that bad or not... I hope YG signs him cuz i love him. Are you a se7en fan?
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@beeonka yea I'm a fan...I mean who doesn't like his voice....thanks for the article
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@ZitlalitRodrigu lol yeah, np! My fav song of all time is digital bounce! *^0^* What's yours?
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@beeonka omg me I love any ost songs he does..his voice is so smooth :)
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@ZitlalitRodrigu & sexy! *o*
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