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Very sad moment when you're finishing up your fave lotion . Anyhow, when I turned 20 my sister pretty much told me I had to start using some kind of face lift or anti wrinkle lotion . I thought it was a joke but she's only 25 and already has some early wrinkles so can't risk it can I .
My mom hooked me up with this face cream from her job .I was skeptical to use it because my face is oily so didn't know how this would go , but I love it! My face has lifted! My cheek bones are more apparent ! My neck slimmed down! My face looks less round and it feels great! I know it says to put on twice but I don't have the time to do so , so I would just apply it at night and it worked great for me. Didn't even have to use moisturizer before makeup in morning because my face felt great.
I'd love to hear about how you all are preventing wrinkles . My mom looks great for her age but my sister not so much so I would really like to prevent it now !
@marshalledgar ingredients just for you:)
@jlee37 So do you mix toner, serum and lotion all at once?
I have so many serums and lotions it's crazy! Not counting all of the masks and face washes. Each one does its own thing, so I mix them together which saves me time.
@jlee37 Got it! I will try this method and see how well it works. Thank you!
will definitely look into ingredients for you
I'd love to know what ingredients are in this. hyaluronic acid is really great for turning back time.
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