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The best beauty products are always the one that have multipurpose. Rose facial mist is something I can't live without doing summer. It moisturize, soothe, and freshen my skin and instantly give my hair a healthy glow.

Tip: After shampooing spritz a generous amount rose mist into your hair for amazing condition and shine.

Depending on your hair condition you can use it as a replacement of your regular conditioner.
Also, not all facial mist works the same. So, if you use a citrus facial mist it won't be moisturizing and may cause drying.
@Animaniafreak Good to know! Hair serum works well for me because I air dry my hair. Blow drying usually leaves it humid after 2nd day of washing.
@HairConfetti I'm still working out my routine lol. But I always spray essential oil blend onto the ends of my hair before blow dry, it seems to work for me. I used to use hair serum and cream based product coz my split ends but it makes my hair oily, to my surprise essential oil blends actually works better on my hair.
@Animaniafreak I just discovered this trick about a month ago but didn't want to share it until I personally test it out.
Yes yes! I do that too and it makes your hair smell heavenly! I have lavender and rose oil facial spray, so I use them interchangeably.
@Animaniafreak Thanks for the tip! Just curious what do you use during winter?
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