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I haven't done a DIY hair treatment card in a while and it's finally the perfect time to do so. My hair is in need of good hair condition. The air has been extremely dry where I am living so my hair always feels icky. Not the oily-type of icky but dusty type. I know I am not suppose to wash my hair everyday but I can't help going to be bad dust! Well, now I have dry ends.
I didn't feel like ordering deep conditioning hair treatment, so I am making it myself.
This recipe was adapted from Latest Hairstyle!
5 Tbs Shea Butter
3 Tbs. Coconut Oil
1 tsp. Dr. Bronners’ Pure Castille Soap
1 tsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
15 drops 100% Camellia Seed Oil
Optional: 6 Drops of Rose Essential Oil (or scented to preference)
1. Melt the 3 Tbs of shea butter and coconut oil in the microwave. Please use a microwave safe bowl! Each microwave is different so check do a 10-15 seconds interval check and make sure it's all melted.
2. Once everything is melted take it out of the fridge and add the rest of the ingredient, mix well and store it in the fridge. You should save the 2 Tbs shea butter for later. 3. The mixture should be cool after 1-2 hours and this is when you add the 2 Tbs of shea butter. 4. Mix it well until it feels like a smooth conditioner. Use it as a leave in conditioner or hair mask. It's suppose to last for up to 30 days! Label it so you won't forget.
@JessicaVang @MelissaGarza You're welcome! I hope it works out.
I definitely need to try this out. I got serious dry and frizzy hair. thanks for the tip. 😊
Seriously, I can't go without conditioner. My hair will look and feel dry and frizzy. Thank You!
@HairConfetti but if you had to apply only coconut oil or olive oil, which would you choose? as in, which is more nourishing? I read both have great benefits so I'm pretty confused!
@anitadutoit Your'e welcome. =)
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