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Recently a series of engagement photos went viral in China, and its easy to see why.

This couple merged their traditional Tibetan upbringing with their more modern life in Beijing. Wanting to show how important both sides of their worlds are, they chose to do traditional AND modern styled photos for their engagement.
The couple now spends most of their time back in Tibet, while the husband often travels the world for his advertising agency he set up after studying and working in Beijing.
They want to celebrate traditional culture that they feel is dying out. They want to show the beauty of their heritage.
"We are very happy and satisfied in the city, but we also feel a bit lost and uneasy." the husband captioned his photos, "Seeking the root of culture doesn't restrict Tibetan youth. Some of the younger generation easily lose themselves and can't feel the sense of cultural belonging while they are pursuing their dream. We hope we can send out a signal to the young people that on the road to happiness, you don't need to lose your principals."

Both types of photos are absolutely stunning and were taken by the husband's former classmate!

Would you have your wedding photographs honor your heritage, or would you go for a more modern style?

this is beautiful.
Wow!!! I absolutely love this πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•