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Do you have any friends or biases that act cute to get out of trouble or to get something they want?

You know you do...

Well, here is a handy phrase you can shout at them :)

***please don't tweet this at idols though, it could be taken as rude unless you're face to face and they know you personally^^******

귀여운 척 하지마 - Don't pretend to be cute!

(gwi-yeo-oon cheok ha-ji-ma)
귀여운 - to be cute
척 - to pretend
하지마 - don't do it!

Instead just say: 귀척 하지마!

(gwi-cheok ha-ji-ma)
Or, even better....

귀척노노! - Pretend to be cute, no no!

(gwi-cheok no-no)

Who knows someone you'd tell this to, or are you the person who acts cute!?

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Ahh Yoon si Yoon! his aegyo is off the charts!! He could conn me out of just about anything with that face of his. 😃 I have a coworker who acts this way and it drives me insane!! Everyone falls for it for some reason.
my son - the king aegyo. 😧
I would do it. but I'm ugly as road kill on a highway..
Oh my god, that's me XD
I'm totally the one bugging people with my supposed "cute" self, but I'm just another potato...nothing special.