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I contemplating adding Jackson smut for obvious reasons (I don't want to share UB feels) 😂
but I guess once wouldn't hurt
Jackson adjusted the camera, making sure the angle was absolutely perfect. He made minor adjustments to it, not happy yet. When it was satisfactory, he scurried around the room, lighting candles and spreading rose petals on the bed. The scene has to be absolutely perfect. Jackson was really excited for what was going to happen when you got home. He had been begging you for months to let him make a sex tape with him, and you had finally agreed to it, so he didn’t want to mess anything up. He had even bought new underwear for the occasion.
Jackson looked over everything one more time. He adjusted the position of a few candles, worried that they would be too close to your activities, and then he smiled. There was no way you’d back out of it with the mood he had set. The front door opened, and Jackson hurried out of the room, eager to greet you.
“Are you ready?” he asked, beaming.
“For what?” You set your stuff on the table and took your jacket off.
“For you know…” Jackson paused. As excited as he was, he was still a little embarrassed to actually say it out loud. “Filming.”
Your eyes widened when you finally remembered your conversation with Jackson and what you had promised him you’d do. “Oh yeah… Are you sure it’s something you really want to do.”
“You promised,” Jackson said, pouting his lower lip.
You sighed. You did promise, and you didn’t want to back out, especially since Jackson had done a lot of things you wanted to do. It was only fair that you returned the favor, but the idea still made you uneasy. “I know. I know.”
Jackson approached you and wrapped his arms around your waist. “Trust me. It’ll be fun,” he whispered in your ear. He pressed his lips against your neck and started sucking gently.
You hummed and leaned your head back, letting your eyes flutter shut. It was always fun with Jackson, you were just worried about filming it, because you were pretty sure you weren’t as sexy as Jackson made you feel, so you didn’t want to watch yourself, but it was Jackson. “Mmkay,” you agreed, unable to say no to anything when Jackson touched you like that.
Jackson smiled against your skin and pulled away too soon, leaving your skin tingling and craving more. You whimpered from the suddenly lack of touch, making Jackson smile. “You can have more once you’re ready.”
You pursed your lips at Jackson, but he didn’t feel the slightest bit guilty. “Fine,” you muttered, walking towards the bedroom.
Jackson smacked your ass as you walked away, making you jump. You entered the bedroom and looked for some sexy underwear, wanting to look your best for the camera. You were surprised to see the room looking so nice, but it told you exactly how serious Jackson was about this sex tape, so you got ready. After touching up your makeup, you called Jackson into the room.
You stood around in your lacey red underwear, unsure of what to do. You were almost afraid to touch anything and mess up Jackson’s hard work. When he entered the bedroom in just his black underwear, you said, “So how did you want to start this? Did you want to just go into it, or did you want to give it some sort of beginning?”
Jackson put his finger on his chin as he thought. “I’m not sure. We can just get into it, I suppose.”
“Okay,” you agreed, swaying back and forth slightly. “Should I sit on the bed?”
Jackson nodded excitedly. He had wanted to do this for so long now that he couldn’t believe that it was actually happening. He turned on the camera and suddenly felt a little shy. He wasn’t sure how he should act exactly. He sat on the bed next to you and glanced at the camera. Wrapping his arm around your waist, he pulled you into a kiss. After a moment, he ended up giggling and ruining the mood.
“Yah!” you complained. “Why are you laughing?”
Jackson shrugged, pursing his lips. “I don’t know. I feel awkward, okay?”
This made you laugh. “Weren’t you the one who wanted to do this?”
“Yes,” Jackson said shyly.
You chuckled again. “Then relax.” You swung your leg over Jackson and straddled him. You ran your fingers through Jackson’s hair and pulled him into a kiss. Your lips massaged his, and then you ran your tongue over his soft lips, begging for entrance. Jackson didn’t object, and you slipped your tongue into his mouth. You traced his teeth before entering his mouth deeper. Your tongues danced around each other, and Jackson slowly relaxed into the moment.
You were a little surprised with how comfortable you felt in front of the camera. You had expected to be more like Jackson, but there was something about the idea of filming your sexy times that made you feel comfortable and sexy. You rolled your hips around Jackson’s lap and felt him hardening beneath you. “Oh, Jackson,” you moaned, knowing it was important to make a lot of noise on camera. “You’re cock is so big.”
Jackson groaned in response to you. You were boosting his ego and giving him the confidence he usually had back. His hands traced your sides and stopped once they were on your hips. He moved you faster against him, and you moaned again, enjoying the friction of his length against you. Jackson started kissing your jawline and trailed down your neck. “God, you’re so hot.”
You flicked your eyes to the camera and smirked. You got off Jackson’s lap and slid down his body, spreading his legs. You palmed him over his underwear, biting your lip as your felt him grow even more under your touch. “New underwear?” you asked seductively, before you hooked your fingers around Jackson’s underwear and pulled them down.
Getting more into the mood, Jackson stood up, wanting to make sure the camera captured his muscles while you pleasured him. You licked the tip of Jackson’s member, running your tongue over his slit. Then you took the tip in your mouth and drenched it with your tongue. Usually you would look up at Jackson during a blow job, but instead, your eyes were locked with the camera.
You took more of Jackson in your mouth, bobbing your head up and down. As you pulled back, you made sure to suck him, adding more pressure and making him groan. Jackson couldn’t handle the sensations, so his hand gripped your hair, and he started making you bob faster. He hit the back of your throat, and you gagged a little, but that didn’t stop Jackson. You did your best to move your tongue around, giving Jackson the most pleasure possible.
Jackson’s breath grew ragged, and he bucked into your mouth. Feeling himself get close, he stopped you and took a few deep breaths to get himself under control. After he calmed down, you rose to your feet and licked your lips. Jackson’s hands ran all over your body, cupping your chest for a moment. Then he turned you so you were facing the camera and stood behind you. He stroked his cocked on your ass for a moment and then dragged his fingers up your spine.
He unclasped your bra and let it drop to the floor, and then he reached in front of you and began massaging your chest. He brushed your hair off your neck and sucked on the sensitive skin, before pushing you forward slightly to emphasize your breasts. He continued massaging you with one hand, and the other hand lowered to your abdomen. His fingers danced along the hem of your underwear, teasing you.
Then he slipped his hand under the elastic and dipped his fingers inside of you. He dragged them up and down slowly, still sucking on your neck. “Jackson,” you said breathlessly.
“That’s right,” Jackson whispered. “I want your screaming my name tonight.” He added pressure to your clit but still moved his fingers slowly.
“Jackson,” you moaned louder this time.
He picked up his pace in response to your noises, rubbing you faster and harder. At the same time, he pulled you against him and grinded his hips against your ass. He was no longer shy in front of the camera. Instead, he wanted so badly to fuck you on film, but he wanted to make you beg for it first.
He inserted two fingers inside of you, pumping you quickly and giving you little time to adjust to him. “Do you like that?” Jackson growled. You nodded your head with your mouth open, barely breathing, but that wasn’t good enough for Jackson. He picked up the pace and said, “I can’t hear you.”
“Yes,” you gasped. “Oh fuck yes, Jackson.”
Jackson smirked and pulled his fingers out of you. “Good,” he whispered. “Now getting ready to be fucked so hard you won’t be able to stand.”
“Please,” you whimpered, needing to feel Jackson’s girth inside of you.
He pulled down your panties and let them drop to the floor. After giving your ass a good smack, he pushed you forward and rubbed his cock over your entrance, coating himself with your arousal. He grabbed your arm and pulled, forcing you to arch your back and show your chest to the camera, and then he slowly entered you. A moan escaped your lips as he filled you up. He pulled out slowly and then slammed into you, making your breasts bounce.
Jackson rolled his hips around, making small movements and stretching you out more. When he’d had enough of this, he pulled out slowly again and slammed back into you, making you cry out. “You’re so tight,” he said through gritted teeth.
He slammed into you again, before picking up the speed. The room filled with the sound of skin slapping together, your moans, and Jackson’s grunts. “Fuck,” Jackson muttered, pulling your arm a little harder and making you arch even more. This allowed Jackson to hit you from another angle, and you gasped from it. He found your pleasure center and pounded into you over and over again. More profanities escape Jackson’s mouth the closer he got to his edge.
“Jackson,” you whimpered, unsure of how much more you’d be able to take.
“Oh yeah,” Jackson growled. He loved you calling out his name with that needy tone. He loved being the one who made your knees weak from fucking you just right. He loved being inside of you. A loud cry filled the room as you reached your edge. Your walls throbbed as pleasure flowed through your body, and your pulsating body milked Jackson to his edge.
A loud groan spilled from his lips as your body throbbed around him, leading him through his high. With one last thrust, Jackson was completely drained. He pulled out of you and picked you up, so you wouldn’t collapse. He placed you on the bed, and then he quickly turned off the camera and joined you. “God, I can’t wait to watch that,” Jackson said like a giddy school boy eager to open his presents on Christmas morning.
“You can watch it without me,” you whispered with your eyes shut. You were tired, and your body ached but in the good way. Something about being on camera made Jackson go even harder than usual, but you weren’t complaining.
Jackson bent forward and kissed you on the forehead. “It’s okay. I’ll watch it later.”
You shook your head, hearing the disappointment in Jackson’s voice. “It’s okay. You can go watch it without me. I’m just going to rest my eyes for a little bit.”
Jackson was quiet for a moment, debating about what he wanted to do. “Okay!” he finally squealed, jumping off the bed.
“Just try not to be too noisy when you masturbate!” you called out.
Jackson paused and looked at you, suddenly feeling embarrassed. He was about to grab the camera, but he stopped himself, changing his mind. He dragged his feet as he walked back to the bed. “I’ll just watch it later.”
You giggled, pleased with Jackson’s reaction. “How about I watch it with you tomorrow?” you suggested.
“Really?” Jackson piped.
“Mhm,” you said, drifting closer to sleep.
Jackson laced his fingers into yours and pulled you into his body. “Sounds like a plan.”
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