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It's Thursday and this means I will introduce everyone another throwback hairstyle. I'm still stuck with the 40s because there are so many trendy hair-do. Today, we'll be looking at pin-up hairstyle.

Here's a little background of the 1940s Victory Roll.

It was said to be name after the fighter plane of World War II and also because it resembles the "V" shape of the maneuvers. So in my previous card I mentioned how ladies were encouraged to not have long hair because they were working on the fields in replacement of the guy at war. However, after WWII the ladies began to embrace longer hair again.
Take a look at Betty Grable from 1947 above.
The ladies who were working were still required to keep their hair off their face. This hairstyle was popular for numerous reason.
1) The style is practical 2) It allows the ladies to maintain their feminine appearance.
3) Works for causal and formal styling.
This diverse hairstyling technique is still popular today. People came up with different variation such as wearing it with bangs, adding embellished clip and flowers, and decorating with a headband.
Some of my favorites variations.
Celebrities who kept it classic.
Here's a simple and quick tutorial on how to create a victory roll.
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