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We've all gone through it.

That one word that brings memories rushing back like waves coming directly your way in the ocean -- heartbreak. It sucks, but it happens. Everyone copes differently, yet everyone knows the same hurt and pain that comes along with this unfortunate occurrence. One day things could be great and the next things could immediately make a turn for the worse. If you've ever been in this situation then you know first hand.
BuzzfeedYellow gives an amazing depiction of what it's like to go through a heartbreak and if the tears don't immediately start filling up your eyes, I suggest you start the video over from the beginning. It's okay to cry. The great thing about heartbreak is that it doesn't last forever. With that bit of optimism thrown your way, keep scrolling and check out the video below that explains it all.

How do you deal with heartbreak?

Do you mourn in silence or let your feelings be known?
Outwardly (Is that a word? lol I think it is... It is, right? I'm out of it right now, so it very well may not be haha Any who...), you'll never know anything is wrong. Even my best friend and parents couldn't see any difference. Well, until I was pushed one night and I couldn't really hold it back anymore. But I usually get really... Risky and careless and push myself past my limits and do stupid stuff. I try to exhaust myself enough to where I'm function only, which is actually how I work best haha But yeah. It's a very quietly detrimental time XD
I just went through a heartbreak, and one thing I learned is never listen to other peoples advice coz they usually dont know what you ve been through or how strong your love was or how you built ur future on that one person. A lot of people were telling me to just let it go already but no, I gave time to myself whenever I felt like crying I did whenever I felt like expressing my sadness on social media or instagram I did... I let myself mourn. One important thing is to unfollow that person on social media coz everytimr i see a post of him,or a like or a comment i go back to 0, unfollowing him really helped me get over him. Like you said guys, you try to go out and laugh but once you lay your head on your pillow at night, tears start rolling down uncontrollably because deep inside you re drowning in sorrows. It gets worse when you re PMSing, hormones can be quiet bad if you re heartbroken haha. I liked what a friend told me once ( the first one that didnt use the term let it go) : let time heal you and now after 2 months i started to heal..
I agree with you all. I have moment where Im super quiet about it all. or I start going out more and people think Im happy but im dying inside. Ive reached out to very person that hurt me too. that made all worse. so yeah we are all similar.
well said! took the words out of my mouth. that's the worst feeling ever @keith2web
I'm the same way for the most part. a lot of times I find myself reaching out to the very person who hurt me. never a good idea, but for some reason it always ends up that way. seems like you have a pretty good coping mechanism though @keith2web
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