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T.O.P. *o* Idk if I like his cute side or sexy side more... what do you guys think?
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@beeonka,lol you are so right....i think having the kpop curse is probably the best curse a person can have...and when you try to break that curse....the curse just gets stronger and you get more addictive to
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i like both his innocent and serious side
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@oj1992 me too ^^ @JinaVang, yeah i feel mine getting a bit weaker...that's when i know its going to come back 3 times as powerful XD
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guys.. but really.. why is it so addicting??!! I was fine with just K-dramas and then I don't even know how I got into Kpop and now my comp is full of gif's and i have like a million kpop bookmarks and I can't listen to any other music.... its only been about a year - but really - whyyyy??!!! lol I just don't know how/what happened!!!!! lol
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