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Super food # 1 - Cherimoya
This amazing fruit will help you get some of the nutrients that you need the most like : -Vitamin C -Vitamin B -High Fiber content -Antioxidants From: woman.thenest.com/
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Plus it's one of the most delicious things lol
4 years ago·Reply
will ye answer my quistion immediately plz were do ye buy it from in england n were does it grow like wat location tarr :)
4 years ago·Reply
@thana15, usually it grows in tropical places mostly in Asia.. i remembered during my childhood we had grown this fruit in our backyard. this is sooo yummy, especially with condensed milk. just carefull with the seeds coz its poisonous.
4 years ago·Reply
never tired it beforeeeeeeeeeeee how does it taste like????
4 years ago·Reply
@roselee89 i actually had this back homeee it has a dense texture with some sweetness on itttt i dont like eating it too much because it makes me feel sickyyy :(
4 years ago·Reply