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So today I'm changing it up. It's a Hyuk x Reader Fluffy one shot!! Enjoy!!!

It couldn't have possibly been a worse day for you. You slept through your alarm because you were up all night holding your best friend and roommate's hair back all night as she fought some food poisoning. Then halfway to the fan-meeting you realized you left your good camera. Because you had been preoccupied all night, you also forgot to plug in your phone, which was all you had left to take pictures with. It said 40% battery. ""Maybe if I put it on airplane mode, the battery will last longer " you thought to yourself, trying with every last ounce of your positive energy to stay on the bright side. You had been looking forward to, and planning for this fan-meeting for 3 weeks, 2 days, and 16 hours. Failure was not an option. There are not many chances like these that come to you, and you were lucky you even got off of work for this. Bad day or not, you were determined to make the best out of it. So you sat there, one hand changing the settings on your phone, and the other holding on to the "I love you, Leo" poster you made last week, on the seat next to you on the bus. "Excuse me" a husky male voice said beside you, startling you out of your reverie. He was tall, kind of lanky but solid, and was wearing a hoodie, and a medical mask on his face. "Oh! You startled me, sorry. Here...." you said as you moved your poster down by your leg. "Have a seat" you tilted your head slightly and smiled as you went back to figuring how to conserve as much battery as possible. After a few minutes of silence, your fellow passenger startled you again with a sudden outburst. "Yah! Is that a Leo poster I see?" He exclaimed. You couldn't tell if that was excitement or incredulity you heard in his voice. You whipped your head in his direction in shock and replied with a question of your own. "Are you also a VIXX fan?" He just shook his head and paused for a few seconds before replying. "You could say that, but that's not why I'm asking, and that wasn't quite an answer." Was that a smile or a smirk you saw under that mask? You weren't sure, but what you WERE sure of was you didn't like the tone he was taking with you. By the way he looked, and how he talked, you were pretty sure you were his senior by at least a few years. "I'm sorry, I didn't get your name" you began to divert his attention to manners and not your poster. He seemed to grasp what you were getting at, and immediately started rubbing the back of his neck, tilted his head toward you and said, "Uhh....I get a little over excited sometimes. Mianhae-yo" You looked him up and down for a few seconds and then nodded your acceptance of his apology. "To answer your question, Yes. This is a Leo poster I made for the VIXX fan-meeting in Itaewon this afternoon." You explained matter of factly. "Now how about you answer my question." You raised an eyebrow waiting for a response. "Ah, it is a Leo poster. I see. So he's your favorite?" He asked disregarding my request. "Yes, he is. Why are you so interested?" You hope maybe he'll answer this question. "Well, Hyuk is my favorite, and I get upset sometimes that he doesn't have a bigger fan following. I guess you could say I'm jealous of Leo." He explained with a thick lashed eye smile. My god, he's adorable. - you think to yourself. "Why do you love Hyuk so much then? Convince me, nameless masked person" you add a little too much snark to the request, but you didn't regret it. "Well first of all, I'm not nameless. I have a name. I just don't want to tell it to you right now. Second, Hyuk is so under-appreciated. He is always cleaning up after his hyungs, he is always trying to make them laugh when they're tired or down. He works really hard to make them proud to have him in the group. He even started washing his feet better so the hyungs wouldn't be so upset about the stink, even though he was proud of it because it smelled like hard work. He practices his dancing hours after the hyungs turn in for the night, and gives them ideas for the choreography. He has grown into a fine and talented man who just wants to be recognised as one." He explained a little too enthusiastically. Are those tears welling up in his eyes? You internalize the question and reach for a handkerchief from your purse, but not before he wipes his face with his sleeve. "Wow, you sure know a lot about him. And you're quite passionate about it too." You begin partially in awe and the remainder in suspicion. He remains silent and looks away. "Hey, you're not one of those weirdos that camp outside their dorm and take pictures of them in their private life are you?" You ask with ferocity in your voice, ready to expose him and make the bus ride uncomfortable for a lot of people depending on his answer. His head whips back in your direction and he puts both hands up in front of him palms placatedly facing you. "Absolutely not. Those kinds disgust me and give me the creeps. Never. But I understand why you'd ask. Let's just say I know him personally and I feel he deserves more love from the fans." He explained with more of that sweet eye smile. You could hear a smile in his voice. It was beginning to sound kind and genuine. "I know I haven't told you my name yet, but if I promise to tell you later will you tell me yours?" He asked after a few beats. Sure. Can't hurt. "I'm (Y/N)" you smiled and raised your hand in greeting. "(Y/N)" He repeated a few times as if he was trying to memorize it. "I like your's pretty. Like you." He added, making that darned eye smile again and added a pair of finger-thumb hearts. Cheesy. Ha. "You just giggled, you can't deny it!" He pointed at me and I could hear genuine joy in his voice. "Promise me something (Y/N)" he began, "Can you at least give Hyuk a chance?" You touched the poster by your leg and thought about it for a moment. "Of course I will. I love all of them." You reply neutrally. "No, not like that. I mean a real chance. He could use some love from a pretty girl like you." He said not breaking eye contact. You didn't know what to say. So you just nodded once, hummed out a "mmm" and almost dropped everything as the bus came to a stop. It was your stop. And evidently his, because he was getting up. He reached for your hand and said "Well, it's our stop, are you coming, (Y/N)?" You took his hand, stepped out, and tilted your head to the side in curiosity as he let go and began walking the opposite direction than you. "Where are you going? The fan-meeting is this way." You reasoned. "I have somewhere I need to be first. Don't worry. If you think you'll miss me, I'll find you there later." He teased. "Go on ahead. I'll make it on time." He giggled and gave me a light push from behind. You waved at him, wondering if you will ever meet again. Hoping that you do. And wanting to know his name, badly. You remained deep in thought as you walked and found yourself already at the entrance. You showed your pass and pushed through the throng of fellow fans strung out on caffeine and excitement. Your once nervous excitement was replaced with a more modest, contained thrill. You weren't sure if it was for the fan-meeting or for your nameless masked friend. The sudden screams were deafening, and surprised you so much that you yelped. They were here. They were in front of you. You were breathing their same air. And the thrill was fantastic. If only HE was there to enjoy it with you. You wondered what smart remarks he'd have for this moment. The screams and cries and shouts and whistles began to die down as they greeted everyone with a bow. But before they sat down, the maknae raised a hand and grabbed a microphone. He cleared his throat and tested the mic to make sure it was working. "Hello, my name is Han Sang Hyuk. I made a promise to tell someone my full name today." He said, with that same eye smile and those two cheesy finger hearts. "Told you I'd be on time." He smiled into the words, winked, and joined the rest of the group at their table. The fans in the crowd were looking around trying to find this person he was speaking to. You didn't have to look around. Realization hit you like a ton of bricks, and you stood there, speechless, not even bothered that you had left that poster on the bus. The End

That was adorable.
loved it
@resavalencia awww I'm glad you liked it. ^^
Omg, ahhh, feels... this was so sweet!!! I love it!!! 😄💕
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