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hello ! i'm back already with more lockscreens ! thanks to those who requested ! i hope everyone who requested likes theirs :-) anyone can request anytime but please keep the maximum amount of lockscreens in one request 5 or under thanks for understanding ! here we go ! (*^ワ^*)
requested by : @tinafalcon22 image : do kyungsoo
requested by : @TiffanyBibian image(s) : min yoongi (suga), do kyungsoo, wu yifan (kris)
requested by : @kimnam94 image(s) : kim jongdae (chen of exo), kim namjoon (rap monster of BTS)
requested by : @reyestiny93 image(s) : lee jaehwan (ken), lee jihoon (woozi), ASTRO, mamamoo
requested by : @QueenLee image : kim minsu (boy's republic)
requested by : @AmberRelynn image : Ailee
requested by : @raenel image : kim seokjin (BTS)
requested by : @KaeliShearer image(s) : sanha (ASTRO), bobby (iKON), hanbin (iKON)
thanks again for requesting ! i'm open for requests at anytime as long as it's 5 or under lockscreens! the reason i have that rule is because i also have to deal with school and some family stuff so please be considerate and request 5 and under ! thank you ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ anyway if you want to request just comment and if you want to be tagged or untagged in these just comment ! thanks !
OwO can you pwease make a moonbin and the8 one owo♡
i know this is late to request but, do you think you could do vernon from seventeen and jimin from bts?
@sleepingyoongi can you make me one of Kim taehyung of bts
@sleepingyoongi got7... sorry, i keep forgetting theres more than one .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.
thanks I love them 😘
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