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Me and my son are having a dispute about who's the stronger puncher. Me I think Whitebeard but my son says Saitama. What say you.
Whitebeard is one of the strongest characters from One Piece and one of my personal favorites with the ability to basically punch a whole in the fabric of space
Saitama is a ridiculously strong character who literally can destroys world's with one punch and and seems instructable.
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@brnsime69 the manga isn't finished though, atleast it's still releasing to what I have heard??
@brnsime69 u less your maybe reading online or SJW? Then that would be ahead of the manga sales releases but I know the manga books should still be releasing I thought it was 12 volumes I think and they're on 8/9 but I may be mistaken.
@LuffyNewman well I read it online and it seems to have ended already only like side stories pop up in don't wish to say anymore I don't want to spoil
I'd say they can settle this in a ring to see who's the strongest
@brnsime69 you mean saitama OP man. lol I was looking at the OP anime haha