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Me and my son are having a dispute about who's the stronger puncher. Me I think Whitebeard but my son says Saitama. What say you.
Whitebeard is one of the strongest characters from One Piece and one of my personal favorites with the ability to basically punch a whole in the fabric of space
Saitama is a ridiculously strong character who literally can destroys world's with one punch and and seems instructable.
I think Saitama is the stronger one, have you heard what he does for training??
@LuffyNewman well then I won't spoil it then I actually finished the manga
You do know the moon isn't stationary?? Whether in orbit or not that would be saying everything in space is stationary until it's within the full force of gravitational pull of a planet. And again your right his power hasn't been fully explored but neither has newgates. ODA could add in the next manga that he had the power to destroy the universe with the flick of his finger, manga/anime logic is what I'm saying. Not that he would since he is a dead character but still that's all I was saying. Or he could add that he is the strongest manga character over every other including saitama and goku and everyone else just manga logic again. Then it would truly be a dead end question. But it isn't because manga is also left up to the reader to use their imaginations to see how they believe Ina character based off what they read or in anime watch. I'm not trying to argue the point of human based sciences and theories because they aren't human I'm just picking who is personally want to win it whether I'm right or wrong we won't know unless they did a collab and I doubt Newgate would be the choice for the fighter. Anyways I do understand what your saying through logic!! So I get it NAKAMA!!
@LuffyNewman do u read Assassination classroom manga
Gonna have to go with Saitama on this one. Technically even as strong as Saitama is in the anime... he never actually went all out. A Half mile meteor has the force of about 100 billion tons of TNT or 100 million kilitons. The atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima was about 15 kilitons. Given distance and size ratios a half mile is a pretty fair estimate on the size and power of the giant meteor Saitama punched to destruction, even erring on the side of prudence and saying it was about half that or even a quarter and it is still impressive. Meaning Saitama's punch had to be equal or greater to that force to do what he did. Now keep in mind Saitama at this point STILL had not gone all out. So an all out punch with as much force as he is capable of could ruin anyone's day, let alone Whitebeard's.
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