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Happy 51st Birthday Tom Cruise!
in spite of all the weirdness in his personal life, Tom is still one of the greatest actors for me!
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H.B. Tom !!!Long, long &happy life !!!!
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@Saravy sounds interesting!.. XD How do you even know so much about a film that went out before you were born? XD
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I hope you enjoy your life tom cruise you are my favorite actor beside jhonny depp and jamie foxx
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@shoenami Oh you're the sweetest!!! The absolute sweetest!! Totally made my night.^^ I was born in late 81. I first saw this when I was 5 when it came on to the tv, and then subsequently through the years. But this had a lot of 80's stars in this, so it was pretty popular. Plus this was a pretty popular book.^^
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lol @Saravy well.. yess.. I would've never guessed you were born before the 90s! like seriously!
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