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I knew it would break the rating record! There were so many twists in episode 9 alone that believe me I was on the floor while watching it yesterday. Really, watch it if you haven't already :) ---- The gap continues to grow larger between SBS’ I Hear Your Voice and everything else. On Wednesday night, I Hear Your Voice recorded its highest ratings to date of 17.9 percent, just baby steps closer to breaking 20 percent. New drama, KBS’ Blade and Pedal debut at 6.7 percent, while MBC’s The Queen’s Classroom inched closer to break into double digits, recording 9.0 percent. The Queen’s Classroom has been gradually increasing, although it doesn’t appear to be a match for I Hear Your Voice, whose ratings have been going up as the plot gets thicker. Wednesday, July 3, 2013 Dramas 1. SBS I Hear Your Voice 17.9 2. MBC The Queen’s Classroom 9.0 3. KBS Blade and Petal 6.7 Variety 1. MBC Radio Star 9.3 2. SBS One Night of TV Entertainment 7.7 3. SBS Couples (Jjak) 6.0 *All ratings are based on AGB Nielsen Media Research Source:
@winterlovesong, love Park Soo Ha now..need to cook quickly coz it's time for Goddess of Fire. bye for now!
@winterlovesong,yes! it's getting more interesting now. waiting for episode 10..time to cook for lunch otherwise my husband will throw me a!
@cri14335 some twist is gonna happen, right there!
@winterlovesong, im now in part 3.
@cri14335 yes please!
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