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Siren's Lament Ep. 1 - The Main Attraction
Episode 1! c: · (๏ᆺ๏υ) Tags : @AcaciaNguyen @AimeBolanos @danidee @fryelocknt @gabbycalzada @hikaymm @LushiSushi @tocalatoa @qveenknip (to @qveenknip » one of the pages are, well, idk how to say this, mushed in together so sorry if you're off the panels! :'I and if you can't see the pages/panels, well, time to repost again or change some things here! xD) @xxJxx
· Follow my collection for more Siren's Lament to/or stay updated(!): Siren's Lament · · For the fabulous Instantmiso's Siren's Lament full comic (+includes full panels, sounds/music): http://m.webtoons.com/en/romance/sirens-lament/list?title_no=632 · — Previous Episodes: Ep.0 Hope you enjoyed! c:
Fabulous!!!!!!! THIS IS AWESOME MAN
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Still waiting for next chapter love it tho
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@toriesp1 I can tag you or you can follow the collection in the description below the last block. (: Glad you love it!
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Holy crap this is awesome!!! I MUST CONTINUE READING!!!!
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