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Hahaha. But some part of me does hope that he will remain single. Heh ^^ -- With both Zo In Sung and Won Bin off the market now, netizens are begging that Kang Dong Won stay single. On July 3, Eden 9 confirmed that Won Bin was dating Lee Na Young, making fans weep that another heartthrob is no longer single. With the news, netizens began to ask that Won Bin’s BFF, Kang Dong Won stay a public treasure for all to enjoy. What started out as a joke began to spread, and the term, ‘Kang Dong Won Public Treasure’ began to climb on Daum’s most searched real-time chart until it hit number one. Netizens hilariously left comments, saying, “Zo In Sung’s gone. Won Bin’s gone. And now, only Kang Dong Won’s left,” “Kang Dong Won, if you’re going to date, please date secretly,” “Let’s make Kang Dong Won into a public treasure,” and “Everyone must relate to this since it’s most searched,” And then there was “But Won Bin, Zo In Sung, and Kang Dong Won must pass down their DNA for the sake of human kind.” Source:
Kang Dong Won is such a very Handsome young man. Wake up Korea, He needs to be in allot more movie dramas. I am looking forward to his next movie. Yes the girl he lands up with will be a very lucky young lady.
@oj1992 hehehe,,, yeah i'm writing my application now ;)
@burgundy you can start submitting yr application ie. if you are a gal ... : )
i'm just wondering who becomes the luckiest girl, marrying the beautiful, rich talented actor ^^
@winterlovesong I see. then @cheerfulcallie is safe. She needn't have to tear her hair out. : )
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