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Ohhh The Savagery 馃檴


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@LiviBelle I'm not a big Taylor or Taeyeon fan so I don't know too much of the business. I just know that Taylor's "Out of the Woods" had one or a few similar scenes resembling Taeyeons "I" music video. You can watch if you'd like. I've only seen the videos like once so I don't all the details
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@shelbyhusband I watched them. To be honest, neither of these videos are the first of it's kind, but I find it sad that her own fans would do something like this thinking that it's funny. It's actually petty and makes her look like a bitch to those of us who don't know her. (I found the actual interview, and she never said that which means a butt hurt fan did it)
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@LiviBelle ...obviously it's not real. a fan just made it to look funny. It's not the first time people do these kinds of things, and it's not a big deal. it wasn't made to be taken literally. it's not petty -- it's a joke. it wasn't going to reach taylor swift because the kpop fandom isn't as big as the taylor swift fandom. so they just made an inside joke. if you weren't in on the joke, you shouldn't ask for an explanation and then scrutinize those in on the joke.
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Hahaha XD this is perfect!!!
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