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fairy tail chapter 483 review
I personally think that they haven't showed Jellals power enough and this chapter gave him a little bit of justice. I really think this could be the final arc of fairy tail I hope not but it seems kind of lined up for a ending. I hope they show more of grays ice demon slayer powers though. In all a good chapter
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Right?! The last time Jellal almost got to show us some real power, Meledy messed it up for him at the Grand Magic Games! Lol.
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You should join post things like this in the Fairy Tail community as well!
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Their might be one more chapter, Since Natsu just discovered that he's the most power etherious demon Zeref's created. at some point, Gray will find out, and will want to take out Natsu for one last fight. only this time, not even Erza can't stop them.
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@UzumakiJess jellal also fought the oracion six again and beat them all on his own
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Oh yeah, I was wondering, wasn't Jellal blind after he fought the Oracion Seis?
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