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Finally trying out Pacifica ! @MyAffairWith Pacifica- nude red love the color, but for some reason I feel like it smells like crayons . I love how it looks applied and the texture. doesn't feel like it'll smear but put in place . overall pretty good but hate the smell of Crayola. lol
Well hello...
Yeah hahaha 😂 I know. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought it smelled like crayons. But this color is gorgeous. Do you think you'll buy it again?
@MyAffairWith lol I thought it was just me hahaha. loved the color. not quite sure if I'd buy . I got it through ipsy in my glambag so didn't really pick out myself. love the color but not sure if will buy again since I'm big on smell lol.
@stephosorio ah right!! Don't know why I keep forgetting that you got it through ipsy. Oh yes, the color is super pretty!!! I'm big on smell too!!! I may just experiment with other brands lip balm and skip Pacifica after I'm done with my current tube.