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Banded Princess Diamonds
Fell in love with these banded princess cut diamond wedding bands, which are part of Rosendorff's "Colours of the Earth" collection.
My favorite--the platinum--has 4 carats of diamonds and is in very limited supply. Pricing begins at $20,000 (AUD), which is about $15,200 (USD).
These rings also feature a ring of round diamonds on each side. Basically, there are diamonds EVERYWHERE!

Would you say no to this?

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UPDATE: $15,200 (USD) starting price @DasiaB @Heartofgold35 @VanessaSimmons
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馃槱馃槱馃槱 but I love it so much!!! Ugh maybe I'll be able to afford one when I'm a millionaire 馃槶馃槖
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Love that attitude @DasiaB Not IF, but WHEN. hehehe
2 years agoReply
@marshalledgar yes it's all about determination babe!!
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@marshalledgar thanks for the info
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