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As we enter adulthood things get hazy. People we've known forever look like strangers. Things we thought we were good at seem to be a work in progress. The thoughts and feelings we used to embrace seem childish and outdated.
Moving forward and moving on aren't the same thing, and as I'm trying to figure out what to do with myself, it seems like a few months can make a huge change.
Any of you who have been following me know that I am a huge fan of the Libertines, an English rock band that has had its share of tragedy, problems and new beginnings.
This song from their sophomore self-titled album is the perfect anthem for anyone dealing with a transition, or a questioning of faith. People can bring us down, circumstances can change but somehow you can't.
I Get Along isn't my favorite Libertines song, but it's one that sticks out in my mind every time I feel like I've hit a wall:
The lyrics describe a falling out of sorts, how people and circumstances can end up changing things you never thought would. Of course, life happens and shifts in mysterious ways.
Sometimes we can feel hopeless, and we let the circumstances change us as people. We can't do that. We simply can't.
But the truth is, that we can't control everything. We can't control what others think of us and we can't control what others do, but we can take ownership of our own lives and simply, "get along" to the next destination or opportunity.

"I get along, just singing my song, people tell me I'm wrong...FUCK EM!"

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The energy of it! One of my favourite Libertines tunes. You have to go on and get along.
It was and it was heartbreaking but the love there was could go back to the surface again with all the mental work they needed to go through and they have each other back and we have them back. That's what happens when there's a light that never goes out.
@AleksandraS Totally, you are so on the money! I know this was a really tough time for the band emotionally, and musically...with the departure of Pete and all. But I'm so glad they're back together!!! Anyway, yes. We all get a long!