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Hey there babies Your Mod here. So as you know, us the Mod Squad have been discussing what we wanted to bring for the community.
As well as games and activities, we decided on designating a certain Gene for each day of the week. ♡♡ To See the ideas we planned, [click here]
No body likes Mondays right? Right. We are going to brighten Mondays with our loving and super smiley, Miracle Gene. In the Cross Gene Community, Mondays will now be known as:

Miracle Gene Mondays.

With Tuesdays sometimes disguised as Satan, a continuance of Monday, we are going to make your Tuesdays Better too. Like Mondays, your Tuesday is about to be revamped to:

Body Carved From Heaven Tuesdays, or in a shorter Term:

Casper's Wild & Chic Tuesdays

Now what kind of schedule would it be without bringing Preshousness the middle of the week to surface? Point blank, it won't. So, our trusty and Lead instigator is going to come stir feels into your heart, you'll be puking Rainbows. (Maybe I exaggerated, but we will never know until it happens) Wednesdays will forever be known as:

♡ Shin WonHo Wednesdays

Half of the Week is down, half to go. Good thing there are 6 Gene's Total! This brings us to the next wonderful revamped day; Thursdays. Your Thursdays will be GORGEOUS from now on. Here's Why:

Takuya's Gorgeous Thurstdays.

Cause Taks Milkshake brings all the girls to the yard. . .

Everyone's hectic Week starts to come to an end on Fridays. But here at Cross Gene, it isn't Yongseok unless there's mischief somewhere. He will have his hand in helping wrap up the universal Mischief.

Mischief Maknae Fridays

In a perfect world, Saturdays are meant for rest and rejuvenation right? Well with many people working, they may not have that chance to recover from a Hectic week. We have a member that is a happy pill fluff ball. That's why we are bringing to you a:

Super Smiley Sangmin Saturdays

Sunday Will be the Day to enjoy all six of the beautiful Majestic Creatures ♡♡

♡♡ Cross Gene Sundays ♡♡

CandY Mod Squad:

Requested Babies For Tag:

If you would like to be added to the tag, please let me know ⬇ so I can Tag you ♡♡

@JamiMilsap I have you added thank you dear!!
Please tag me too - I am new to Cross Gene, but a big fan!!
@Annaharris1989 YAYYYYYY ♡♡♡
woohoo! Can't wait!!
@Tigerlily84 Awe thank you love!!! I AM TOOO
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