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Double dose of VIXX!
Okay duckies, so today is a great day in the life of, well, me! Why you ask? Because my merchandise finally came in!!! Yay! But also, because Dingo music released a super cute video of our lovely boys singing! I'll start with the video first!
It's hilarious and super adorable!! I love Leo in this video sooooo much.
Seriously found it hilarious when Ken had to do Ravi's rap because he didn't step up to sing it. Lmao!!
And now to my VIXX merch!! So I got on YesAsia and wanted to preorder the new Zelos album, but then I saw that if I got another $15 worth of stuff is get free shipping, so I was like, alright, sure! ................yeah, so more than $15 later, this is what I ended up with! 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
So I got the Zelos album and picture book. I got the Freedom version of Chained Up (I already own the Control version) And I got the fan box which contained: 1. A scheduler 2. Pins 3. A DVD 4. Pictures of each pictures
Then I got the special version of Voodoo Doll (I thought it appropriate since it was Voodoo Doll that got me into VIXX) And the seasons greetings from VIXX thing! A calendar, a scheduler, and more! 馃槉馃槉鉂わ笍 And then I took the pins and put them on my tote bag! 馃憤 Aaaaaand that's all folks, thanks for reading!
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So lucky!! I love all of that cool stuff you got. 鈾ワ笍 Hopefully that will be me soon! 馃槃
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Leo is so precious in this video, I can't! 馃樀馃樀馃樀
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lol that's always me too, go to buy one thing and 5-6 items later I'm checking out.
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They had fun in this video. I find it really funny that Ravi was in his own world in the back.
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@lilbr0wneyes ikr?!?! Lmao.
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