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This is video direct from the helicopters that we have seen flying over Tahrir Square. Many are claiming that these are the largest demonstrations in human history. I just saw that more people are tweeting about Justin Bieber than Morsi.....
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thats just totally Amazing & overwhelming! I cant imagine the damage that could be done if they decide to become aggressive!
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@jo32971 I think the military is really nervous about that. Have you been following whats happening?
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@curtisb , the 1st I've seen anything about was your post so thank you & I'm folling it now! I imagine it would make the military Very nervous!
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@curtisb are u serious? More people are tweeting bout Justin Bieber than Morsi?
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Yup, I believe its #JustinSorryIfWeMadeAMistakeWeLoveYou. I'm guessing you're not the biggest justin bieber fan? me either
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