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@SarangRavi I don't mind roller coasters as much because they don't last long but that dang ship thing x_x I can't do I'm terrified of heights.
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Poor P.O!! He acted like he was in physical pain 馃槀馃槀 @Sammie99522 @SarangRavi and I'm the opposite I'd rather get on the boat than a roller coaster especially if it's going upside down too? That's a big no for me. But when I get hyped up I try to get on at least all the big scary rides once 馃槱馃槀
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1. I swear his soul left him at one point 2. why did boy look like he belonged in TVXQ 3. they evil
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@DasiaB I will ride any ride. I'm terrified of heights but I love rides
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@SarangRavi I wanna be added btw
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