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This is the first and my Favorite video of Monsta X. When I first saw this video, I fell in love with the beats, raps, vocals, and visual. I didn't expect them to be in my bias groups list, but they trespass in list and became #2 behind Infinite and in front of Vixx. I love this video sooo much. Whenever I look back at this video, I have to say Wonho was really brave to shoot this video due to the fact that he have Acrophobia (fear of heights). Plus the dance ver. was awesome. These boys are tall. Wonho killed it and I.M legs are goal
I can't believe this is my first card. Can't wait for your comeback. Monsta X Fighting โœŠ.
What's your favorite MV. (Since this is my first card. I'm having trouble tagging people)
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