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They’ve begun construction on the set for the video. You have times to go in and view the progress and make any changes required. Filming of the video starts in a week and thankfully the projects being completed aren’t large ones. The group has begun extra practices and preparing schedules for when they release their comeback. Times together are few and far between; it is mostly texting in the evenings.
You arrive early on the first day of filming. You want to make sure the newly completed set has everything in place and is prepared for them. You find small little things that you are fixing yourself, a few rearrangements of pieces of furniture. The fact that it still isn’t how you asked has your OCD raging. This is your vision, your job, do people not understand that? Your reputation and future jobs depend on this being right.
The group members arrived an hour ago and are just beginning to roam around and look things over. You have to bite your lip and shove your hands in your pockets to not scream every time someone touches or picks something up. Unbeknownst to you, Kyungil has been standing off to the side watching you watch the guys.
Hands come down on your shoulders,
“It looks great, stop worrying.”
You turn towards him, maybe facing away will help.
“Thanks, I hope it looks good on film for you guys.”
You hear something drop and cringe. He tilts your face up to his,
“Nothing broke. Need a distraction?”
He lowers his lips to within a breath of yours and stops.
“Later. I have to focus now,” and he walks off with a sexy grin.
You glare at his backside, too bad it would be unprofessional to scream.
You’re allowed to stay and watch the taping for that day. You notice a few times when Kyungil stops the group during the filming for a dance move not on point. You smirk to yourself, and YOU are OCD? You believe anyone is allowed to be when it comes to your professional life and reputation. During their break you decide turnabout is fair play.
YOU: It will be alright.
MJA: ???
YOU: The dance moves, it was probably nerves.
MJA: Not having them the first time is a waste of time and money. We’re better than that.
YOU: Hmm, so am I. Keep your hands off the props.
You look over to see him fling his head over the back of his chair and place his phone on his forehead. You’re sure there are words being said, thankfully you can’t hear them. You send another text.
YOU: What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander.
MJA: I’m a goose now? Thought I was an ass.
YOU: Oh you are.
You see him act like he’s going to throw his phone but shakes his head and puts it in his pocket. He refuses to look in your direction, interesting. A few minutes later your phone buzzes again.
SCM: Are you two fighting again?
YOU: When do we not?
SCM: Aish, you pissing him off is being taken out on us. Not saying he doesn’t deserve it but stop please.
YOU: How are you otherwise?
SCM: Good. Am I still allowed to cook for you and Jak?
YOU: Allowed? Why could you not?
SCM: Like do I need to ask Kyungil-hyung if it’s okay.
YOU: What? Why would you do that?
SCM: Aren’t you two together? Dating?
You let out a sigh, different culture you remind yourself. One make out session equals a relationship? Hmm, need to check with Jak on that one.
YOU: We have been out on exactly one date, I don’t consider that ‘dating’. It might be assumed we are together but a kiss does not a relationship make.
SCM: Woah. I don’t want details.
YOU: When am I coming over for you to cook for me?
SCM: End of all the filming? It can be like a celebration.
YOU: Sounds good, I’ll plan on it.
At early afternoon they switch locations. You stay behind to fix anything you think they have moved out of place. Perhaps if you fix it today, you won’t have to be here tomorrow. If you are causing his bad mood; the others shouldn’t have to deal it.
Around dinner time there’s a knock on your door. You open it to find a sour faced Kyungil on the other side. He doesn’t even ask to come in, just walks past you and into the living room. He turns at the couch but doesn’t sit down.
“I can’t work with you.”
You look over at him in shock. “Excuse me?”
“On set. As soon as you check your sets each day you need to leave.”
Your volume goes up another decibel.
“Excuse me?! What the hell now Kyungil?”
He stalks towards you, “Just do it.”
After another minute he adds, “Please”.
You shake your head, “I won’t do it for you; you don’t make any sense. However, I’ve already decided to be gone by the time you guys arrive since apparently you are taking me being there out on your guys.”
You turn back and resume fixing your dinner.
“Who’ve you been talking to? Yijeong?”
“What difference does it make?”
“I asked you to not lead him on.”
“Lead him on? Are we back to me being an American slut again? If so; you know where the door is.”
“Why do you confuse my words?”
“Maybe because you don’t say them all? I’m not a jack-ass whisperer.”
You slam your spoon down on the counter and turn the stove off.
“Since you brought him up, why does he seem to think that he needs permission from you to have me over for dinner?”
“You’re going out with him? You told me you wouldn’t!”
“I am not dating ANYONE and you can’t tell me who I can and can’t be friends with!”
He voice gets low and dangerous, “You’re dating me.”
“Am I?” You tilt your head and give him back glare for glare.
“From what I remember of what Jak told me, over here, just like at home actually, ‘dating’ is a mutual agreement. In order for there to be an agreement doesn’t one have to be asked first or confessed to?”
“I did confess.”
You laugh, “No, you were drunk.”
Before he can respond to that Jak walks in the door. She looks between the two of you and sighs.
“Really?!? I thought you guys had this figured out, I could hear you down the hall.”
“Jak,” he looks over at her, “could you give us a minute?”
You grab her before she can head out the door, “No. He was just leaving.”
You turn to him, “She lives here. I’m sure if you have anything to say to me, you can calm down and try again later.”
Dammit we're back to step one
OMG!! Jackass whisperer!! ROFL!!😂😂😂 Ohh my stomach, I can't breathe!!
Sonofabitch! Well then...
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