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Seventeen "Adore You" is a song that will never get old. It took me awhile to watch this MV since I was so scared to get into this group. There was so many members and I was like No way José but after watching it I couldn't hep but fall into the #diamondlife
@JohnEvans Ahh thank you very much! Gotta give some love to my Ultimate. :3 Boo is a wreck. & Glad to see you're enjoying them! If you ever need help with names or anything, there are several cards to browse with them or you can ask me or one of the mod helpers! We'd be more than happy to introduce you further into the hell that is Seventeen. Haha!
@EwSeungkwan First off I love your username..Second thanks Its feels good :D
Welcome to the DIAMOND LIFE, new Carat. :P
@EwSeungkwan Will do...I do have a bias, S.coups but I want to learn the other members name as well