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The folks over at Cracked put together one of the best YouTube videos I've seen in a long time and if you know me, then you know I get around YouTube. I'm sort of like that guy who still hangs out at the high school even though he's graduated already because his glory days are behind him. But in this metaphor, YouTube is the high school and I haven't hit my prime yet.
Or maybe I have, I don't know.
But anyway, they put a made a video that shows us what video game commercials would be like if the people in the video games industry told us the truth. And you know, everyone a part of a corporation is lying to you about something or other. There's a thing they tell you, then there's the thing they do. And I can't stand for that.
But I can stand for things that are ultimately honest. And you know what Cracked? I could stand for you and I could stand for this video. It's a beautiful one. It's so honest and it makes me laugh. And have you ever met a video that makes you laugh so much that you think you might fall in love with it?
Like all the other videos you've laughed at can't even hold a candle to this new video you just saw. And you keep thinking about the future and instead of freaking you out, it gets you excited. You just think about the eventual wedding that's going to happen. It's me and you, video, til the end. We're going to get married and make a lot of little videos that look like you and me put together.
It'll be a wonderful occasion. I just want to stand next to you video while we listen to our favorite song:
Stand next to me in the front row and we'll fall in love all over again, the same way we did 15 minutes ago... Hold on loosely, young video, never let go.
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lol that was funny. Very blunt. And quite a few truths to it. but not all companies and games are just out to rip us off. it's definitely the industry standard now, but we don't have to let them. I only by DLC I really want, I don't pay full price for anything anymore. it'll go on sale in 3 months after release. we just have to be knowledgeable and selective with our purchases. it's all the damn kids begging momm and dad into buying COD3 at full price and buying all the DLC so game companies are like caching let's keep doing that do it. I don't care I ain't wasting my money on it. just what I want. like the fallout 4 dlc? been real appropriately priced. 10 bucks and 5 bucks so far? that's fine for content I'm gonna dig. but still buying anything digital at full price is just dumb