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The Malay fasting month is coming, it's the time where you are able to see all the stalls selling all kinds of cakes/desserts or more commonly known as kuih-muih around the places in Malaysia. The photo shown is rice cooked with coconut milk (nasi lemak), curry puff, fried noodle and glutinous rice ball with palm sugar (ondeh-ondeh).
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nom nom nommmm that looks hella guuuuuuud!! is that leaf in the bottommmmm?
4 years ago·Reply
@kristenadams, yes! a banana leaf..
4 years ago·Reply
@cri14335 nommmmmmmm i always wanted to try somethign like thattttttttt
4 years ago·Reply
do they add any extra flavors????
4 years ago·Reply
@kristenadams Do you mean the rice? You may add few slices of ginger and some salt. if you want the rice to have more fragrant, add some pandan leaves while cooking the rice.
4 years ago·Reply