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Jin ~
My love for this princess is eternal ❤
Jin was the first one I noticed when I was getting into BTS & he's the reason I stayed.
I mean, just look at him! He's the sweetest & most caring person you could ever meet. Not to mention how attractive he is!
I love him ❤
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^ I have never even dated omf I'm going to be forever alone bc of bts the most
2 years ago·Reply
i totally agree! it makes me sad that people are just now noticing him cuz hes blonde. i hope people realize hes so loveable and everything and dont drop him like crazy once hes not blonde anymore you know?
2 years ago·Reply
oh my god i love him so much! and man that boy with blonde hair wow! hes so sweet and funny too! really everything he has combines into the perfect man for me!
a year ago·Reply
@AlittleJoy I love this thank you
a year ago·Reply