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Never Forget: John Starks Dunks On Jordan
With the playoffs in full swing, the NBA is rolling out countless classic playoff highlights to keep fans locked in to every game.
One of the classic highlights I saw a replay of last night was the John Starks dunk over Jordan in 1993.
Growing up, my entire family was Knicks fan. I was one of the rare few who wasn't and loved basking in their many playoff downfalls.
While I could spit off the many times the Knicks broke their heart with ease, there was one card they always played that showed their true greatness. In 1993, the Knicks-Bulls rivalry was in full swing. Mike was the man and everyone knew it. The Knicks had a good team that seemed to lose every big game against the Bulls, but this game was different.
The Knicks were up 3 with a minute left, normally they would blow the lead with a bad shot or turnover, but Starks had something different in mind. He dribbled the ball down the floor, broke his man down and attacked the rim for a monster jam.
Many call this moment "the dunk." Whenever I got into an argument with my cousin about the Knicks, he just pointed to his poster of that play.

Any of you guys remember that dunk by Starks?

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I don't remember it but I sure have seen the clip a lot of times.
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