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Today is a bad day for Clippers fans.
Star point guard Chris Paul is out as he broke his right hand in the 3rd quarter in the last playoff game against the Blazers.
The Clippers have a .681 winning percentage in 348 games with Paul over the past five seasons. They are 25-21 (.543) without him, including 3-5 this season.
The Blazers are are a guard driven team with one of the most prolific scoring point guards in the NBA in Damian Lillard. This injury is to his shooting hand, so he will have to sit out until this one heals.

Can the Clippers beat the Blazers without Paul?

sorry clipper fans but I don't think so blazers would take advantage
Even though it's going to be a tougher series without Paul, I still think the Clippers will manage to get by without Paul in the first round
Probably many major injuries