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WARNING: Mature content

- Boram's point of view - Jin sure knows what he's doing when it comes to cooking. I don't know if I'm going to be of much help. I can cook, but I don't want to ruin something. He's a lot better at cooking than I am. Jin points to the counter. "Can you cut the vegetables for me?" "Of course." I grab the knife and start cutting them. "Stop, stop." "What?" "Who taught you how to cut vegetables?" "Me?" "Well you're not a very good teacher." "Why? What's wrong?" "One small slip and you're going to seriously cut yourself." "I'll be careful." "Accidents are called accidents for a reason. You can be careful all you want, but you can still hurt yourself without trying." I sigh. "Then please tell me how I'm supposed to do this." "Okay, so tuck your fingers a little." "Like this?" "No." He puts his hand on mine and moves my fingers to where they should be. "There. Now angle the knife." "This?" "It's like you've never set foot in a kitchen." What a dictator. "Sorry. I can leave if you'd prefer that." He sighs. "No, no. It's fine. You can help, I want you to, but I also want you to do it correctly." "Can you just show me then?" "I guess that's easier." Before I can move, he's behind me. He puts his hands on mine and starts showing me how I'm supposed to cut them. I didn't expect this. I just thought he'd cut some to show me. "So you tuck your fingers and press down." His voice is a little soft. "Then you angle the knife this way." His hands are a little shakey. "Since you just started cutting this way, you should go a little slow." He steps closer and starts moving my hands to cut. After a few cuts he comments. "You're a fast learner." "It's not exactly rocket science." He laughs. "You've got a bit of an attitude don't you?" "Sorry, I don't really try to." He's shaking less and his voice is back to normal. "No, it's fine. You're funny with it. I noticed it the other day that you're witty. You're quite the conversationalist." "I'm entertaining to listen to when I'm not internally screaming." He laughs again. "Internally screaming?" "Like freaking out in my head. Questioning every word that comes out of my mouth about whether I look stupid or am offending someone." "That's a shame you're so insecure. You're very pleasant." He chuckles. "Well, when someone doesn't piss you off anyway." I shush him. "Let's not talk about that. Ancient history, right?" "Right." He helps me cut the entire onion and since he said to go slow, it took a little while in comparison to how quickly I can usually do it. He must have just got caught up in conversation and forgot what he was doing. He backs off and goes back to what he had been doing. "There you go. Go ahead and cut the other vegetables." "Yes sir." He laughs. "So, did your mom teach you to cook?" "No. My dad did." "You're mom doesn't cook?" "She's not a terrible cook. She just doesn't like to. When she does, it's always really good. She usually only cooks on holidays though." "Does she cook Korean food?" "No, she cooks American food. My dad cooks Korean food though. He's more traditional than my mom. She took to the American lifestyle more than him." "Interesting. So does she do more housework instead of cooking?" "Nope. My dad does. My mom works a lot more hours than my dad because her job pays more, so he plays house-husband when he's not at work." "That's different." "Not so much in America. It's happening more often these days." "House-husband. That's a neat concept." "My dad doesn't mind. It's about the most American thing he does." He laughs a little. "It sounds kind of nice." "He seems happy with it." Hoseok walks in and unintentionally interrupts our conversation. "How's it going in here?" Jin answers him. "Fine." He walks up and stands behind me. "How's my little chef doing?" Before I can respond, Jin answers. "She's doing fine." "Thanks for answering for her." He leans down and talks quietly. "I can't wait until I can see you cooking for us in our own kitchen. You'll be so cute." I giggle. Jin stops what he's doing. "Hoseok, if you're just going to distract her and be a nuisance, then leave the kitchen." He wraps his arms around my waist. "I'm not distracting you am I Boram?" I bite my lip. He's actually really distracting me, but that's okay. "You're not." "Good. I knew I wasn't. See, she doesn't mind me." He leans down and whispers, "I don't like being away from you. I wish I could help you cook. This is what couples should do." "Well, you're not good at cooking, now are you?" Jin stops our whispering. "She might not mind you, but I do. You're distracting me." "Fine, fine. I'll leave." He kisses my head. "Make sure you put lots of love into the food just for me." "I can't make sure only you'll get love in your food. I'll just have to put love into it for everyone." "I'm not sure I like that." "That's the only way." "I guess I'll allow it, but you'll have to give me extra love then." "You're so strange." Our conversation is cut short by Jin grabbing Hoseok's ear. He pulls him out of the kitchen. "I said you were distracting. Get going." Once he let's go of his ear, Hoseok responds. "Fine, fine." He mumbles under his breath as he walks away. "So strict." "Sorry about that." I chuckle. "It's fine. It was kind of funny to see him be treated like a little kid." "He can be a troublemaker." "Yes, yes he can." "Does he make trouble for you?" "Nothing out of the ordinary, just teasing." "That's good. Does he treat you well?" "He can get a little jealous, but that's about it. Even that's not all that bad. He doesn't get mad at me or anything. He's very understanding." "I'm glad. You let me know if he ever screws up and I'll ground him." I laugh. "Got it. You look after these guys, huh?" "I'm the oldest." "Doesn't mean you have to. You just seem like a genuinely caring guy. Being the oldest doesn't mean you have to keep them in line, cook for them, or be protective of them." "I suppose that's true. I kind of took that all upon myself." "I think if you hadn't, then this group would be a bit of a mess. I mean Hoseok and Taehyung seem like they'd bring total chaos." "Jimin and Jungkook can be just as unruly." "Then you really have your hands full. At least Namjoon helps you out, right?" "He does. Yoongi chews them out sometimes, too. Of course, sometimes I need to give him some stern words too." "It's gotta be rough looking after six grown men who tend to act like children." "You have no idea." "I really don't. Hoseok can act a little childish sometimes, but I can too. Most the time he's pretty mature around me though." "Lucky you. I can't quite imagine you being childish." "Oh, I am." "Name a few examples." "Seriously." "Yeah." "Well, yesterday Hoseok and I spent a good amount of time making sandcastles." He chuckles. "Cute. How innocent." Right, right. That's precisely what we were yesterday; innocent. "What else?" "I think the most childish thing I did around him was act like a five year old to get my way. I stomped my feet and I cried a little, I even yelled at him saying he was mean." "Wow. What did he do?" "He spanked me really, really hard." He laughs. "He spanked you?" "Yes, basically out of nowhere. I was kind of being a brat, but not to that level." "You're a brat?" "Yep. Quite often." "You're a bunch of surprises. So what did you want that badly that you'd put on a show?" "I wanted to towel whip him." "Towel whip?" "Yeah, I did it five times. He didn't expect me to, but I told him to turn around and that what I was going to do was the only way for me to be happy again." He laughs. "You are a brat." "He totally deserved it though. Believe me, he seriously hit me hard." "Want me to tell him to play nice?" I laugh. "Thanks, but he's learned his lesson." "That's good. I know this is a bit random, but thank you for treating him well." "You don't need to thank me. A girlfriend is supposed to treat her boyfriend well." "Doesn't mean they do. That's why I'm thanking you. He's been so happy this year. Despite the issues with Yoongi, you've been no trouble at all. And what happened with him wasn't your fault anyway. I expected your relationship to be a pain, but it's actually made him grow up a bit. You seem to have reconciled with Yoongi, too." "Yes I did. We're friends now." "Good, I'm glad. He needed that." "I figured. I'm glad I haven't been a problem or an issue. I've worried a lot about that. I never knew for sure if Hoseok was telling me the truth when I asked if I was making life difficult." "Not at all. You've been good for him. He needed someone to listen to him and support him; which are things you do perfectly. He said that that's what you'd do for him when he first told us about being with you, but we didn't know how that'd end up. Turns out you delivered." "I do my best to be there for him when he needs me." "Your best is plenty. It's pretty hard to believe this lasted this long. Here we are over a year later with the girl he met once and threw a fit over, helping cook dinner for us. This was so unexpected, but it's worked out." "It really has. I'm happy I've earned your approval." "I never said that I approved of you." "Oh." "I'll approve of you once I can see how well you cook." I giggle. "That makes sense, you wouldn't want Hoseok to starve would you?" "Exactly." "Fair enough." ... Jin leans back in his chair. "That was so delicious." I smile proudly. "I thought so too. I think we did a good job." Namjoon lets out a contented sigh. "No offense Jin, but that was better than usual. I think you agree though because you made even more noises than usual." I laugh. "Yeah, what is that? I didn't want to be rude, but since it got brought up I have to ask. I've never heard someone make so much noise when they ate." He looks like he feels a little silly. "Just a bit of a habit. I do that when food is good. Like he said, it was better than usual." Hoseok pats my head. "She did say she'd put love in it for all of us." "Oh god, why do you like to embarrass me?" He smirks. "Because it's fun." Jimin places his hand on his chest. "I definitely feel the extra love. Thank you Boram." "Shut up." He smiles teasingly. "What? I was just saying I appreciate the sweet and caring love you put into making food just for us." "Maybe it's Jin's love." He shakes his head. "No this is definitely different. This has a woman's touch. I think everyone can agree." Everyone nods. Some sincerely and some who are just trying to embarrass me. I laugh. "You're an ass." "Maybe, but I made you laugh. I'm funny." I sigh. "I hate to admit it, but yes, you are occasionally funny." Taehyung frowns. "I'm going to miss having you here." "Why?" "You're just nice. I like seeing someone new who's so smiley and happy. You put us all in a good mood." Jungkook nods. "Yeah. You bring a different element into the house. You blend in really well." Namjoon points at him like Jungkook said exactly what he was thinking. He turns to me. "You really do! It's like you've been here for so long, not just a day." Hoseok nods with pride. "Now you guys all see what I was talking about. A little bit of time just isn't enough. You naturally just want more." Taehyung shakes his head. "That's so weird." Jimin looks at me with skepticism. "How do you do that?" I think for a moment. "I kind of turn up certain parts of my personality to compliment other people's personalities. I try to make everything click well and mesh. I'm still me, I just choose a certain side of me to show. Does that make sense?" "That makes sense. How do you keep from breaking it though?" "Breaking it? You mean like breaking character?" He nods. "Like I said, it's still me. It's not a fake persona." "Then how do you keep from showing other sides of your personality you don't want seen?" "I simply don't show them. It's like putting on a different outfit. I'm wearing one and the others stay in my closet, my mind." "You're fascinating. So what ones don't you want to show?" Jin smiles. "Maybe the brat? I bet you don't want to show off the childish one either, do you?" I smack his arm since he's sitting next to me. "I told you that in confidence!" He laughs. "How was I supposed to know?" Hoseok pinches my arm. "Ow!" "Did you tell him about when you threw that tantrum?" "Maybe." "Why would you tell him that?" "Because I didn't think he was a loud mouth." I pinch Jin. "Ow! I didn't know it was some big secret with how easy you told me!" He pinches me back. "Damn it! It doesn't take a genius to know it's embarrassing though!" I reach out to pinch him again, but Namjoon interrupts me "Hey, hey! Stop pinching eachother and tell us the story!" Me and Hoseok answer in unison. "No!" "You have to. It can't be that bad if you just openly admitted to him." "One person isn't as bad as a room full." Hoseok shoves my shoulder a little. "Besides I'm the other person in that story. It's embarrassing for me too." Namjoon shakes his head. "You embarrass yourself plenty." "It's different." "You're just digging yourself deeper. I'm sure it's not as bad as you think." Jin pats my shoulder. "It's really not that bad." I smack his hand away. "Says you, I didn't volunteer that information to you just to have you throw me to the wolves." I whine a little. "You're really cruel. That smile is so misleading." He tries not to laugh. "There's the brattiness." Hoseok sighs. "Might as well. They're never going to drop it." I groan. "Seriously?" Namjoon smiles with satisfaction. "We won't. And you better tell the full story, not as short as possible." I sigh. "You tell the story. You're the one who started that entire incident anyway." Hoseok rolls his eyes. "If it weren't for you being a brat, it wouldn't have happened at all." I glare at him. "Start. Now." He looks like he was just struck with a little fear. "Okay." Jimin giggles. "I guess we can see who the boss is." I glare at him. "What was that?" He gets the same fearful look. "Nothing." Everyone else tries not to laugh. Hoseok hesitantly starts talking. "So this was just a little bit after Namjoon had called me about the twitter tag about us. I had just gotten out of the shower and she was lying on the bed. I went and sat down by her. I told her I wanted to show her something." "No you told me to sit up and stop being lazy." He clears his throat. "Right." Jungkook interrupts the story. "That's not really lazy. Especially if you hadn't already asked her to sit up and she said no. Maybe then it'd be lazy." I can't stop myself from loudly voicing my agreement. "Exactly! See it's not just me!" Hoseok shushes me. "Thanks a lot Jungkook. Anyway, she gets offended and says no. She says she doesn't want to sit up and doesn't want to look because she's "lazy". She had an attitude. So-" I cut him off. "So what did you do? How did you explain it? What was your reasoning again? You can be embarrassed as I am." He blushes a little and talks quietly. "I decided to discipline her." Everyone busts out laughing. I know this story is embarrassing for me mostly, so he can share in some of that too. He gets defensive. "Shut up!" Jin pauses his laughter for a moment. "You sound like you're her father!" Namjoon adds on. "Or a dog trainer! Either way that's too funny!" I laugh a little too. It's kind of fun to see them giving him a hard time. They finally stop laughing and Hoseok feels like he can resume the story. "After I made that decision, I noticed she was lying on her side facing away from me. She was on my right so I could use my right hand; so I wound up and spanked her. Really hard. Too hard. I actually hurt my hand." They're really trying not to laugh. They must want to keep from interrupting the story. "She cries out, jumps out of the bed and stands there staring at me in shock while she has her hands on her butt. She looked absolutely pitiful and starts yelling at me saying I'm mean. I told her she sounded like a child and she said she felt like one." Taehyung makes a small comment. "That is what you do to children. Well, not like that though." "Yeah, I know. So I tell her to come back so I can show her something and she stomps her foot and yells no. I tell her to calm down and she stomps and yells no. I tell her I'm sorry and she looks down and cries a little. She tells me there's only one way I can make her happy. She tells me to take off the towel I had around my waist and-" Jimin giggles. "Oooh." "Pervert, let me finish the story. And put on my boxers. I do that and she takes the towel and goes into the bathroom. She comes out a few moments later and tells me to turn around. I'm confused, but I do it anyway. Suddenly, I feel her whip my butt, the middle of my back, and between my shoulders. I turn around to yell at her and she immediately whips my stomach and chest." Again everyone's unable to contain their laughter. Yoongi stops for a moment. "How dumb are you! What did you think she was doing!" "I don't know! I just didn't think she'd do that!" "Well, she probably didn't think you'd "discipline her" either! You seriously should have expected that!" He turns to me. "You're quite the ace with a towel, huh? To be able to snap it that quickly with precision you'd have to have some practice." I giggle. "Yeah. When I was about thirteen it became a normal thing for my mom to randomly sneak up on me and snap me with a towel. I obviously had to start getting her back, so I got pretty good." "You went into the bathroom to wet the tip didn't you?" "Sure did." "That's cold, but he definitely deserved it. So good job." "Thank you. Now can I have a chance to redeem a little bit of my dignity?" They calm their laughter. "I just want to say that everything from the first stomp and onward, was an act. I can be childish, but that was an act." Jin questions me. "What about being a brat?" I reach out to pinch him and he smacks my hand. "It was a simple question." "That's legitimate. The bratty attitude is very real." They laugh a little. I'm glad Hoseok told that all. I don't think I'd have made it. Namjoon sighs. "See that wasn't that bad. You guys are fun to listen to. You're honestly pretty adorable." I blush and shake my head. "Ah, don't say things like that." He smirks. "Never mind, maybe it's just Boram that's adorable." I keep blushing and look down. "Hoseok's going to get mad. You'd better stop." "He can get mad. It's worth it to watch you get flustered." Jimin joins in. "It's definitely worth it. We managed to bring out a different side of your personality, a very, very cute one." I can't stop blushing. I cover my face. God I feel like a little girl right now, getting embarrassed by a bunch of handsome boys like this. Jin grabs my hands and holds them down. "I can't believe how shy you are. You're so sweet and innocent, aren't you?" I accidently get whiny. "Please stop. This isn't nice at all." That voice isn't going to do me any favors. Jungkook has a huge smile on his face. "Boram, how old are you again?" I tap my feet a little out of frustration. My voice is as whiny as ever. "Twenty-four, now stop." Taehyung is surprised by this all. "Are you sure? You seem younger than Jungkook. Much younger." "Shut up!" Yoongi shakes his head as he watches me. "This is astounding." I tear my hands away from Jin's and hug Hoseok and bury my red face into his shoulder. I yell with my voice muffled. "You're all mean!" Hoseok pats my head. "They were just playing." "Why'd you let them do that?" "Because it was really cute." I look up a little, reach up, and squeeze his cheek really hard. "Jack ass." I let go of him. That traitor. I turn away from him, face the table, and just cover my face again. Namjoon apologizes, but I can tell he's still smiling. "Sorry. We didn't mean to tease you so much. We got a little carried away." I refuse to look up so my words are all muffled. "That was more than a little. You're all a bunch of jerks." Jin pats my head. "Come on now. It was all in fun." "Fun for you." Jungkook apologizes while trying not to laugh. "I'm sorry I called you a baby." "You didn't call me a baby! Is that what you were trying to say!" Taehyung blurts it out. "Yeah we were calling you a baby." I whine. I can hear them all on the verge of laughter. I hear someone stand up and walk over. They run their hand up and down my back. It's Yoongi's soft voice. "Calm down Boram. We were just playing." "I know, but still." "You're only making it worse you know. We promise not to do it again if you forgive us. Just take a deep breath or two, and stop being embarrassed." "Easier said than done." "I know, I know. Just try. Please?" I take a few deep breaths and I can tell I'm not blushing anymore. I take my hands off my face, look behind me, and see Yoongi smiling sweetly. "There. Better?" "Kinda." "Good. Now stop pouting." He taps my nose and I inadvertently smile. "There. Back to normal, now stay that way." He walks back and sits back down. I look back at everyone and they've completely lost interest in me. They're absolutely in awe of what Yoongi just did. Jin asks the question on all their minds. "What kind of magic trick was that?" Yoongi gives him a funny look. "What are you talking about?" "Who was that?" "Me?" "That didn't sound or look at all like you." He gets a little quiet. He hasn't had someone address the way he treats me. He nervously rubs the back of his neck. "Well, girls deserve a softer touch don't they?" "I suppose that's true enough. It's just strange to have you be the one providing that." "I can be nice." They laugh a little. "What? I can be nice!" "Sure you can Yoongi. It just so happens you can only be that nice to Boram." "Well, she deserves to be treated with kindness, unlike you assholes!" I start giggling, but come to his defense. "I appreciate it. You showed some actual compassion. Thank you." He waves me off. "Yeah, yeah. You're welcome." There's a pause. Jimin sighs. "This is fun. We have fun, but with you here, it's a lot more fun than usual." Taehyung speaks without a filter. I wonder if he even has one? "You should hurry up and just move to Korea." Jungkook smacks his arm. "You can't just say something like that." "You know it's true." Jungkook is about to say something, but stops for a moment before he speaks. "Yeah, I know. It would be nice." I smile. "I'm glad I'm so well liked, but it's a little early for me to move here. It'll be a while still." They look at me with a little hope. Taehyung speaks up again, "So you're actually going to move to Korea? To this city?" I nod slowly. "I planned on it. But that's a couple y-" Jungkook jumps up a little. "Good!" Jimin shakes his head. "Doesn't matter when, it's just good to know you're going to be here some day!" Namjoon chuckles. "You seem to have worked some kind of magic and became those three's older sister in the matter of a couple conversations. Congratulations on gaining the strangest younger brothers." I laugh. "Well, I'm an only child so it'd be nice to have some brothers. No matter how weird they are." They're grinning, they don't even care that I called them weird. They're happy I like them. It's ironic how I've been trying to earn all of their approval and now they wanted mine. Jin looks at me. "Sorry to get sappy. But I think it's safe for me to say this by now and that we can agree, even if it seems like a pretty quick judgement." He puts his hand on my head. "Welcome to the family." I swear, I'm ready to cry. "Thank you." I got it. I got their acceptance. I actually managed to gain a lot more than just their acceptance. I gained their friendship.
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