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Sam Bradford may have just signed a new deal with the Eagles, but their recent draft move has him looking for the nearest exit.
Sources say that the newly signed quarterback is looking for a trade and refuses to attend off-season workouts.
This is a bad look for all parties involved.
If the Eagles desired to move up or draft the best quarterback available, then why re-sign Bradford? They could've let him walk and find a better situation via free agency. A couple teams needed a signal caller and odds are he would've found a nice gig.
Instead, the team has invested cash in a player they may not even start on day one. Bradford could be traded, but what type of return could the team expect?
Bradford has the talent, health and pieces around him have been the main issue. Wherever he plays next year, he will play like he has something to prove. Odds are it won't be for Philadelphia though.

Do you think the Eagles handle the Sam Bradford situation well?

The Eagles should've just let him go in the first place.
well that escalated quickly 馃槻馃槻馃槻
@EvanYannetti dude this is coming from a ravens fan who absolutely HATED having to see his team play them twice a year, but he is a great qb. He's not the best of course but you give him a good O line and some receivers and he'll burn you every time
He isn't good enough to demand a trade he is kind of like when Carson Palmer demanded to be traded just because he didn't like how the team was doing things
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