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So its MONSTA X WEEK!!! I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS! Today is based on your favorite MV from Monsta X. I couldn't pick just one so I decided to go with my top 3 that are all tied.

First is RUSH

This song is so good. Every time I listen to it I just get so happy and energetic. They all looked so good too and I mean really good *Arhem* Moving along

Second is TRESPASS

How can you not like this song? This song made me interested in looking into Monsta X. Once I saw Minhyuk it was over for me. Of course the MV was awesome, I love the jail concept.

Third is Perfect Girl

I was already in love with this song but when they came our with a selfie cam version I literally couldn't stop watching it. It was safe to say I was addicted to it.
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Literally in love with ALL OF THEM 😍😍😍
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perfect girl is an awesome song. Trepass makes me want to dance 😁
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Perfect Girl self cam was so cute.
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