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Marvel Caption Contest Winner!


We laughed. We cried. We joined team Deadpool. It got real. And now it's time to congratulate our caption contest winner! They get to pick the character we'll caption next! Drumroll please...

Well done @SamTheMallow !!!

* wild applause *

Thank you so much to everyone who participated this week! There were so many incredible entries, and the comments had me in stitches. You all rock!!!

We'll be back at it again soon!

So stay tuned. And of course, keep it weird ^_^

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whoooooooo go @SamTheMallow xD
a year ago·Reply
@MichaelOgg its all thanks to you bro
a year ago·Reply
BTW peeps I pick the handsome the blue Kurt Wagner aka nightcrawler.
a year ago·Reply
what was the caption and picture? sorry I don't get it lol
a year ago·Reply
@Ticasensei my card is titled That time again and is in my collections. there's actually two entries but the card one none the less.
a year ago·Reply