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With Dallas shown the door in after a 4-1 series loss to the Mavericks, Dallas owner Mark Cuban shared his thoughts on the personnel on the Thunder.
One of the highlights of the conversation was his thoughts on Russel Westbrook. During a pregame interview, Cuban said Westbrook isn't a superstar in the NBA. "I think he's an All-Star but not a superstar," Cuban said.
"The way I define a superstar is, who do you want the ball in the hands of at the end of a game when you need a bucket?" Cuban said. "Who do you know that can get off that shot and make that shot? And that's your superstar."
Westbrook, a five-time All-Star and four-time second-team All-NBA selection, averaged 23.5 points, 10.4 assists and 7.8 rebounds this season.
Westbrook was phenomenal this year. Teams had no answer for him. He is electric in the open floor and amazing in the half court. He makes everyone around him better and has gotten better every year he has been in the league.

What do you think, is Russell Westbrook a superstar?

Haha loved seeing the face off between Cuban and Westbrook
Of course he is a superstar haha