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Koo Ju-ne don't you dare apologize for being yourself!
That is exactly why I love you I hate the fact that they all feel the need to act a certain way as to not upset netizens and to have this petfect image. This boy is so hard working and so talented, but now he feels he can't be himself without being rude. June became my bias because of how straight forward he is and wasn't afraid to say how he felt >_>.
I swear every 5-10min some netizen has a problem, one that shouldn't even be relevant, with an idol 🙄🙄🙄. Like y'all do realize that they are human right?? That they are bound to do things and make mistakes that ppl won't like right? Y'all mad at this man for being who he is, when y'all could be reflecting on why it is y'all have so many idols that have contemplated killing theirselves and battling depression right now. Like really?? I see they got their priorities mixed up 😒😒
bro don't apologize I am way worse and I don't even know him that well at all there's no possible way he could be worse than me so he needs to not feel bad about himself😡
they always dissing in ikon why people hating on them
@AubriePope Totally Agree..
OMF NO BAE DON'T APOLOGIZE UR PERFECT THE WAY U ARE LIKE WHO GIVES A SHIZ! so what if ur straightforward!? like it's good to be straightforward like people need to calm down
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