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Don't you dare apologize!!!
Koo Ju-ne don't you dare apologize for being yourself!
That is exactly why I love you I hate the fact that they all feel the need to act a certain way as to not upset netizens and to have this petfect image. This boy is so hard working and so talented, but now he feels he can't be himself without being rude. June became my bias because of how straight forward he is and wasn't afraid to say how he felt >_>.
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you know what any fan that feels the need to no wait you should, when a fan meets him please I beg of you when there's a fanmeet and you hold his hand look into his eyes and really talk and tell him he should never apologize for being himself please I beg you too he should not need to do this. Let's step up and show him to love himself not an image he should be
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@twistedPuppy this is what I think started it all vinny because after this is when it started.
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OMG I seen this already and that stupid how they go after him why don't they go after suga he has the same personality also Junior and jackson from got7 no of course not because their just called sassy WELL SO IS HE!! I'm done and yes I do like got7 and bts I'm just using them as a comparison
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@twistedPuppy right its only because he is from ikon and yg they all flip out like I love june because he is that way!
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