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I'm not sure how many of you all have seen the redband trailer for the upcoming animated movie 'Sausage Party' but the first time I saw it (and any subsequent viewings) I immediately thought about this scene from Dai Mahou Tougei, where an anime potato peels itself in a gesture of honor along the lines of seppuku.
Weird? Yes. Anime? Absolutely.
So seeing Sausage Party's trailers feels like a joke I've already seen before, albeit the American version of it. Does it mean it's not funny? No, just that anime did it first.
Here's the Sausage Party trailer, in case you missed it.
the potato almost sounded like Jacksepticeye also 馃槀 anyone else think of that?? I think he should voice one of them lmao
Great card man. I also thought of that anime when I saw the trailer but I didn't remember the name!!!! Even though the Anime did it first, this movie looks like it's gonna be pretty dang funny.
omg I legit thought this was gonna be some weird innocent kid's movie...I THOUGHT WRONG AND I LOVE IT
What did I just watch... ... ... I want more. XD